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The best cinnamon buns in the world!

Tuesday 10 September 2019

(Most of this post written by FIONA Illingworth, whilst enjoying her well deserved holiday with me here in Norway)

We spent a peaceful night, along with a number of other miscreants in a range if mobile homes, camper vans and tents in a place where it says “no camping”. There are Germans, French, Spanish and Italians here. The large group of French young people played volleyball on the beach. We thought they might be rowdy later on but not a bit of it.

The weather looks good this morning but it is due to rain later. So our plan is to have breakfast and then set out for Myrland.

2.50 pm
Bitty day stopping at lots of places. Watching surfers at Unstad. Called into Unstad Arctic Surf for coffee and very expensive cinnamon bun in the cafe. Very nice place. Gorgeous buns! £21! Their tag line is “The world’s best cinnamon buns!” I think they’re right 😁

Definitely the world’s best cinnamon bun!

On the way back southward we called in to a beach we missed near Flakstad. Just stopped to take mist over the mountains and some cormorants. Hoping they would spread their wings but no joy.

The beach at Flakstad is right next door to a carpark and loo we’ve used before. The waves here are pretty good … hard to believe that surfers would find the cold bearable but they seem to think it is worth it.

6.25 pm
We have driven down a small road to Nesland, which feels like it is at the end of the world. We were hoping to camp her overnights get but the place we are parked up (and where we had had dinner) is not the best. We are on a slight slope and even with the wedges under the rear tyres we are still sloping downward. It is a shame but I do agree that it is a bit precarious and we don’t have any kind of view. So it looks like we will move once we have had our coffee and a John has downloaded his photos.

After coffee we moved to a fantastic spot just down the road and having got the van all set up we were treated to the most gorgeous evening sky lighting up the fjord. We were perched on top of a cliff and the view was just tremendous.

What a place to spend the night and what a glorious evening sky we had.

We have driven around much of the Lofotens in the past 4 days. Given the weather, we have probably not spent as much time in some places as we might have. We are wondering if it might make sense to explore somewhere different in my last week. I would be up for that but the big question is where? I have no idea about where we should be going. John thought we would take much longer to drive down to the bottom of the islands; he hasn’t got a plan B in his back pocket. So we are looking at an empty canvas. The danger is that we will waste this time and neither of us want that. So it’s not an easy choice!


Monday 9 September 2019

(Most of this post written by FIONA Illingworth, whilst enjoying her well deserved holiday with me here in Norway)

We’ve had a good overnight stay in a campsite called Brustranda near Valberg. It was quite windy last night so having gone to bed we got up again and put the roof down. We were both lying there waiting for the next slap of canvas.

11.30 am
Just stopped at a viewpoint on the 815 – stunning location and looking across the water to mountains. Beautiful. The sun is shining again today and all the red berries look fab, lots of autumn colours in the ferns and bracken. We just spent a very pleasant hour taking photographs and drone footage. Perfect!

2.30 pm

We’ve had some fun on a long stretch of beach on the road to Utakleiv, which was gorgeous. I did some yoga in front of the lapping sea whilst John filmed it with the drone. Took a while to find my balance and it wasn’t perfect by any stretch. But it felt so exhilarating. How amazing to sit in front of the waves just trying to be in the moment.

Cinnamon buns by the sea!

5.45 pm
It has been a glorious afternoon. We have driven to the end of the road, through a short tunnel to Utakleiv. They are charging 250NOK to camp on the other side so we have come back through the tunnel and are now parked in front of a wonderful white sandy beach called Hauklandstranda (stranda = beach). It is a popular spot with picnic tables and some loos. There are families here with young children. The notice board says No Camping but it looks like a few, like us, are going to chance it. Who’s going to check in a Monday night? It is not clear, to be honest , if the sign even applies out of season. It doesn’t say otherwise, so I am sssuming it does. We are hoping for a good sunset over the water. With the light shining on the coastal mountains. It is idyllic. We had a 6km walk round the peninsula to the other side. Half way along there is a small opening in the rock and someone has built a beautiful table and chairs there, together with a BBQ! Amazing!

BBQ under a rock and free for anyone to use – brilliant!

I suspect today may be the last of the sunny days but let’s hope the forecast changes!

It was magical to walk along, feel the sun on your face and hear the water crashing against the rocks. Invigorating and relaxing at the same time. We almost made it to the other side but headed back after approx 3km.

It’s raining……again!

Sunday 25 August 2019

The rain continues to pour down so I drove from Ersfjord a couple of kms and parked up in a quiet spot by a small pier where a couple of locals were fishing.

Ersfjord in the rain

I stayed there most of the day and did some writing and picture editing.

I returned to Ersfjord for the night.

Ersfjord bay
At least it has a good loo!!
….and a very impressive backdrop.

Steindalsbreen Glacier

Friday 23 August 2019

Woke up fairly early this morning and sorted the van ready to go  Last night I did some research into a trail that took you to the Steindalsbreen Glacier. The trail is 12 km long there and back and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m up to that length of hiking. Anyway I decided I’d go for it because it looked very photogenic and the weather was playing ball for once.

It was a lovely morning with lots of low cloud drifting through the valleys.

The trail description is as follows –

“The glacier is accessible from the eastern side of the Lyngen Alps. The trailhead begins at the bottom of the valley by route 868 between Oteren and Lyngseidet. Follow the signs to “IMA Tursenter” and park by the Akselstua community hall.

From the car park, follow the dirt road into the valley. The path leads uphill before it flattens out on the last section up to the Steindalshytta cabin. The cabin is about 2.2 kilometres from the beginning of the trail.

Continuing towards the Steindalsbreen glacier, the route is relatively flat until you reach the moraine ridge. From there, it becomes steep before flattening out again and arriving at the base of the glacier.”

Well I did just that and found the trail easily. Its very well marked and mostly easy walking so after about two and a half hours I was there, having spent lots of time taking pictures and videos en route.

When I arrived I did a piece to camera and said I was the only one there. On reviewing the clip I noticed in the background some tiny figures. I hadn’t realised just how big the glacier was and completely lost all sense of scale. So I walked about another kilometre to get to the actual edge of the glacier and met the people I’d spotted, a Norwegian family taking their two young boys on to a glacier for the first time.

Steindalsbreen Glacier
The person is visible just right of centre where the glacier begins to spread out

I had a walk a little way on to the ice and did another piece to camera and then came off and went to look at some tiny icebergs that were in the glacial pool at the front of the ice. I took lots of pictures and had something to eat then decided it was time to head back, though, to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the 6km walk back.

Small icebergs form in the icy pool at the front of the glacier
Jokullsarlon it is NOT!

Anyway the return was uneventful but I was glad to see Silver Fox (the van) when I got back.

The route back…

So I had some rest and then started looking for the next place to camp this evening. I hit upon a place called Lullefjellet Naturreservat at Skibotn and off I went.

I got there and joined about half a dozen other vans in what looks like a nice quiet spot, set up the van for the night and after a bit of cataloguing and writing turned in for the night.