Wonderful Lofoten

Saturday 7 September 2019

(Most of this post written by FIONA Illingworth, whilst enjoying her well deserved holiday with me here in Norway)

We are making our way down to Å and, with the weather being mostly fine, we are enjoying fantastic views. This island is truly breathtaking.

We have stopped short of the Hamnøy bridge to have a coffee and our pastry. There are intermittent showers and the sunny spells. I expect it will be like this most of the day. The landscape and seascape here are amazing. Fiona discovered hot water in the toilets so took the opportunity to wash up from breakfast. People will probably think we’re mad but who cares. It saves us having to heat up our own water. The next stop will be Hamnøy, the place I’ve waited a long time to photograph. I first became aware of the place whilst watching one of Mads Peter Iveson’s videos on YouTube and I decided then that I would photograph the place one day. Well, here it is and it didn’t disappoint.

Beautiful Hamnoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

3.20 pm Land of rainbows and fishermen’s huts …

We have barely scratched the surface here but we have essentially done a bit of a recce of Moskenes … the final municipality in the string of municipalities that make up Lofoten connected by the King Olav Highway (E10).  After that there are two further islands, but you must travel there by boat.  First there is Værøy and finally Røst; sadly we will not make it that far.  I think they are both mostly the preserve of birders, although I am sure they would be interesting. 

We took drove onto Rein and Å … the end of the line.  We stopped by on a detour to Nusfjord but you had to pay 100Kr each for the privilege of walking round the fishing village.  It looked fabulous and is a UNESCO site, but not for £20!  It wasn’t that great!  Anyhow, pretty bays and picturesque fishermen’s huts (mostly now used as holiday lets) are ten a penny round here. Not authentically original like the ones in Nusfjord,many of them look new, but they are still pretty. 

As suspected, we were treated to some beautiful sunny spells and some rain showers.  The perfect recipe for rainbows.  We saw one at Hamnøy as we were taking photographs there, but by far the best one was at Reine.  I have never seen one so vivid as this.

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